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Discover the power of archetypal exploration and the support of flower remedies

Welcome to a space of possibility and reconnection with your intuition, the healing power of nature, and the wisdom of your body.


How present are you in your own life?

The illusion of separation can make you feel like a bystander, going through the motions without connecting to yourself, your body, others, and the environment.

You don’t have to carry expectations and values that were never yours to begin with. A more meaningful life is not about recreating and reinventing ourselves; it’s about reconnecting and remembering what really matters. 

Uncover parts of yourself that you haven't noticed

Let go of societal norms and conditioning that have nothing to do with the real you. 

Undo the harm of the daily grind - physically, mentally, spiritually. 

Recover from feelings of numbness, burnout, and fatigue from being part of the “machine”

Experience an open-minded space for real talk 

Bring your whole self without fear of being judged or “canceled” alongside genuine accountability 

Shift your everyday way of being


You have so
many possibilities.

I used to think challenging the status quo was improving systems that already exist to make them more inclusive and equitable for all people. I’ve realized that it’s these systems themselves that need to be replaced with something new – and this something new can’t be a homogeneous, universal, one-size-fits all solution created by a few people in a room with a white board. Instead, the way of being needs to honor many possibilities with room to breathe and shift as we all grow and evolve – together.  If we stay burned out and treat our bodies like machines, we don’t have the energy or the time to reimagine these possibilities. 

I focus on embodying what I want to see, living it in everything I do, and support others in this process of embodying their own interconnected existence. In our work together, practices and dialogue that helps us remember our connection to our bodies, communities, and the environment can help us discover what brings us genuine satisfaction and recover from individual and collective burnout.


Choose a life you actually want, not what you “should” want. Here’s how I can help!

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1:1 Coaching

Private coaching gets you out of your head and into your body, connected to  your inner wisdom.


Going from feeling numb, frustrated, and stuck to making intentional choices that create a meaningful life for you. 

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Soul-o Sessions

From a range of modalities, focus on a specific mindbody practices that are tailored to your interests.

Book specific individual or small group mindbody sessions, depending on what you are interested in exploring.


Group Gatherings

If you're looking to nourish your community, Jillian offers occasional group rituals for breathwork, guided movement, and more.


To see what's on the calendar for this month, click the button below.


“Working with Jillian is like talking to your own reflection who empathizes with you and understands all sides of your life."

"Working with Jillian is like talking to your own reflection who empathizes with you and understands all sides of your life. It is what you dreamed your relationship with your mentor or boss would be when you were first introduced into the corporate world. She handles every moment of vulnerability with compassion, empathy and safety and gives you the tools to still maintain and grow professionally and spiritually.

- Senior Director, Marketing at NBC


Latest Musings

Latest musings about flower essences, plants, folklore, books, and things I'm learning


Quiz:Uncover your Archetypal Guiding Energy

When we use archetypes in our work together, we can uncover both patterns that you want to let go of and characteristics that you want to embody.  Let’s find out which archetypal guide’s energy matches what you want to embody in your life right now.

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