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1:1 Coaching sessions customized for what you want to explore.  

The daily grind can distract you from what’s actually most important to you, leaving you feeling burned out, exhausted, frustrated, and numb.  In our coaching sessions, we co-create customized exploratory techniques that you’re interested in, including mindbody practices, flower essences, meditation, breathwork, movement, work with the felt sense work, and more.  All this is in service of you rebuilding a connection to your body, others, and nature – which leads to a life you actually want, not what everyone else says you should want.


I know what it feels like to be a disconnected, burned out cog in the wheel of “the machine.”

For me, that looked like 8 hours of back to back meetings, feeling too exhausted to cook dinner, ordering delivery, then turning on Netflix until bedtime – only to get to the weekend feeling totally depleted, without the energy to do the things that actually brought me joy. 


Connection practices like embodiment work, archetypal imagination, and flower essences guided me to realize that I was prioritizing things that mattered to other people’s material definition of success, rather than what really mattered to me.  Our systems are broken, making it feel impossible to reimagine possibilities when we have bills to pay and loved ones to support. That said, the way we approach our everyday relationships with ourselves, others, and the environment can create major shifts, provide a course correction, and bring about change for ourselves and in the world.


It’s not easy to break free from conditioning and expectations, but it’s much easier to do it in partnership than to take it on alone.

In our work together, our relationship is non-hierarchical; you are the expert on your own life and experiences, and I’m the facilitator of your own exploration to support you in uncovering your own understanding of possibilities for what a new and different way looks like.  Because we are creating something new, it’s super important that we aren’t ignoring the “messy” stuff that led us to this moment in time both as individuals and as Western society.


I am a loving and empathic challenger who strives to meet you exactly as you are, offering the presence of someone who is willing to know you fully in such a way that you don’t need to pretend. I don’t have all the answers, and don’t believe any one person can; we can unearth what your own answers look like, together.


“We go deeper to figure out what I really want, where I’m coming from, and what my reasons are, and so I learn more about myself..."

"I get more out of a one hour session with Jillian than I have gotten out of weekly 45 minute sessions with my therapist for the last three years.  JJ creates a space where, when she asks a question, I don’t feel like I have to look for the “right answer” to the question  – because that’s not what she’s asking me for.  We go deeper to figure out what I really want, where I’m coming from, and what my reasons are, and so I learn more about myself when she asks me questions, which I don’t have anywhere else.”

- Head of Customer Support at Spiral


Rebuild a connection to your body, others, and nature – leading you to a life you actually want.

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Fill out the form that shares what’s going on in your world right now.


I’ll reach out with a customized package that meets your unique needs. 


Book your first session to begin making shifts in your everyday life. 

Start imagining new possibilities.

  • What are flower essences?
    Everything in nature has its own vibrational energy – flowers and plants included. Flower essences enable you to be in tune with the energy (essence) of a particular plant. For example, when you look at a sunflower, you can see that it’s bright, sunny, and radiant. When working with the sunflower essence, you can tap into your own inner radiance and cultivate a healthy self-relationship. Using flower essences can be deeply connected to mindfulness and self-observation, helping you notice small and big shifts.
  • What are the archetypes?
    Archetypes are patterns that exist across time and space. It can be helpful to work with archetypes to recognize your own patterns and set goals towards what archetypal qualities you want to embody. For example, you may be feeling constrained or “stuck inside the box” in your day-to-day life. What would it be like to tap into a more adventurous, empowered archetype? Who or what represents the energy you want in your life? These are the types of questions we explore together when working with archetypes.
  • What are mindbody practices?
    In Western society, we often view the mind and body as separate. In reality, everything is connected. Mind-body practices recognize and cultivate the integration of mind and body to move towards a sense of wholeness. Practices might include trauma-informed movement that helps you sense what your body needs, mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, working with dreams, and more.
  • What is Felt Sense?
    The Felt Sense is a term that describes being able to sense the physical responses in your body. In Western society we are often in our heads, and it’s helpful to cultivate body awareness to identify messages from the body about what’s going on emotionally, spiritually, energetically, and beyond.
  • I’m interested in exploring a specific technique mentioned above. How do these get incorporated into my coaching? Can I do them outside of a coaching relationship?
    As early as our first session, we can incorporate any of these techniques. Many of the techniques are woven organically into a coaching session, depending on what you need and what you're interested in. For example, we don't have to use flower essences if that concept does not resonate with you. That being said, archetypes almost always make it into coaching conversations because they seem to resonate with all my clients. If there's a particular practice that you want to take an extended amount of time on, we can designate a specific time for the practice. For example, you may want to do a dedicated 1-hour breathwork session. We would want to identify and plan for these kinds of longer dedicated sessions in advance. If you’re interested in an offering outside of a coaching relationship, you can also book one off soul-o sessions.
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